This page provides access to:

  • The Dissemination information published by the Project
  • The trace / echoes of GISELA accomplishments in the press



   The link takes you to GISELA's periodical publications:

   - Bulletin in English and Spanish:

           ~ in PDF format (every 6 months)

           ~ in Web format (updated continuosly)

   - Resumen Informativo (sporadically) in PDF format and Spanish (English in some cases).

   - Other relevan publications by GISELA.


Press Room & Citations

   Offers a compilation of links and PDF versions of press releases/notes by

   Non-GISELA sites mentioning GISELA.


Publicity Material

   Provides links to the fact sheet, logo, and other information about GISELA

   and also links to relevant publicity material by others.







Edited by Herbert Hoeger on 06/06/2012