The "NGI / LGI Infrastructure Services" Work package (WP4) aims at the establishment of a self-sustainable grid infrastructure in Latin America. By federating computing and storage resources from partner institutions across Latin America and European areas, the Virtual Communities’ research can be made more efficient. Through the establishment of the Operations Centres at different organisational levels, WP4 also contributes to operation-related knowledge dissemination, fostering a long-term  operation.

The organisation of WP4 is divided into three Tasks:

TWP4.1: Coordination of the Work Package (led by UFRJ)
It coordinates the activity and its interaction with other activities, inside and outside GISELA. This activity encompasses the integration with other Grid entities (eg. EGI and EMI) that benefits the GISELA infrastructure. Also, cross-WP activities are handled here (eg. dealing with gLite user requirements or harmonising the different middlewares support).

TWP4.2  Grid-support Services ( led by UFRJ)
It  maintains systems that, although not directly Grid-related, provide invaluable operational support. This activity handles the usage, support, implementation and deployment (where necessary) of services such as ticket systems, Resource Centre databases and mailing lists, to cite a few.

TWP4.3 Grid Operation ( led by UFRJ)
It  supports  Grid services, deploying core Grid systems and being in charge of the operation of the infrastructure. This is perhaps the most important WP4 activity, covering Resource Centre integration, Regional Centres (GOCs) establishment and support, as well as the proper infrastructure oversight.


One should refer to the IGALC website for information on how to access or federate resources into the GISELA infrastructure.


WP4 Team
Name Role Institution
Ramon Diacovo WP Manager UFRJ
Harold Castro WP Deputy UNIANDES
Jesus Cruz WP Deputy, CLARA TT representative UNAM








Edited by Ramon Diacovo on 10/05/2011