The GISELA Consortium Board (CB), composed of one representative per Partner, is the forum for decision and policy-making and represents the ultimate authority of the Project. It guarantees the fulfilment of the GISELA commitments towards the European Commission and the Partner Countries. It ensures the correct use of resources and the progress of the work. It is chaired by the Director General of the Coordinating Institution of the Project (CIEMAT).

The project is run by the Project Coordinator, the Management Board (MB), the Technical Coordinator and the Technical Board (TB).


Management Board

The Management Board (MB), composed of the Project Coordinator (PC - chairperson), the Technical Coordinator (TC) and their Deputies, is the body responsible for the top managerial decisions and for the strategies and road maps for long-term sustainability. The whole Administrative & Financial Management, including the Web site, will be run by the Project Office (HLP Développement) under the supervision of this board. The Project Coordinator heads the Project Office (PO) and sits both in the Consortium Board (CB) and Technical Board (TB).

Project Coordinator: Bernard Maréchal, CETA-CIEMAT / UFRJ (Spain / Brazil)  

Deputy Project Coordinator: Salma Jalife Villallón, CLARA

Deputy Project Coordinator: Philippe Gavillet, CETA-CIEMAT / CERN (Spain / Switzerland) 

Technical Coordinator: Luis A. Núñez de Villavicencio Martínez, UIS (Colombia)

Deputy Technical Coordinator: Roberto Barbera, INFN-Univ. of Catania (Italy) 

Deputy Technical Coordinator: Ramon Diacovo, UFRJ (Brazil) 


Technical Board

The Technical Board (TB) oversees all Technical Activities, thus taking care of the technical coherence and progress of the project. It is composed of the Project Coordinator, the Technical Coordinator (Chairperson), their Deputies, the Work package Managers and of one member of the CLARA Transition Team (CLARA TT) for the WP2, WP3, WP4 and WP6 Work packages. The Technical Coordinator assumes the responsibility of the technical direction of the project, dealing with technical objectives and issues. He coordinates the production of the Project Deliverables. He also acts as official liaison between GISELA and EGI and Collaborating Projects, on technical matters.


CLARA Transition Team

The representatives in the Work Packages (who are also Members of the Technical Board) are listed below:

WP2: Ysabel Briceño, ULA (Venezuela)

WP3: Dago Hernando Bedoya Ortiz, Centro de Bioinformática y Biología Computacional de Colombia (Colombia)

WP4: Jesús Cruz Guzman, UNAM (Mexico)

WP5: Gilberto Diaz, ULA (Venezuela)

WP6: Carlos Jaime Barrios Hernandez, UIS (Colombia)


WP1: Administrative and Technical Management

Manager: Bernard Maréchal, CETA-CIEMAT / UFRJ (Spain / Brazil)  

Deputy: Philippe Gavillet, CETA-CIEMAT / CERN (Spain / Switzerland)

Deputy: Salma Jalife Villallón, CUDI


WP2: Dissemination and Outreach

Manager: Herbert Hoeger, ULA (Venezuela)

Deputy: Ysabel Briceño, ULA (Venezuela)


WP3: User Communities Support

Manager: Diego Scardaci, INFN (Italia)

Deputy: Guillermo Diaz-Herrero , CETA-CIEMAT (Spain)

Deputy: Rafael Mayo, CIEMAT (Spain)


WP4: NGI / LGI Infrastructure Services

Manager: Ramon Diacovo, UFRJ (Brazil)

Deputy: Harold Enrique Castro Barrere, UNIANDES (Colombia) 


WP5: Network Resource Provision

Manager: Gilberto Diaz, ULA (Venezuela)

Deputy: Leandro Ciuffo, RNP (Brazil)


WP6: Infrastructure and Application-oriented Services for User Communities

Manager: Francisco Vilar Brasileiro, UFCG (Brazil)

Deputy: Vanessa Hamar, CNRS / CCPM (France)



Project Office:

The PO is made of several sub offices to which have been appointed key people responsible for providing EELA-2 administrative services and ensuring the respect of their associated procedures. They are:

  • Administrative assistant;
  • Financial administrator;
  • Project secretary;
  • Web Support.
The PO is run by HLP (France) under the supervision of the Project Coordinator (PC) and its deputies (DPC).


Editorial Board:

This board is in charge, upon PC request, to review Deliverables and other EELA-2 papers, before their submission. Currently, the members of this Committee are:

Philippe Gavillet, CETA-CIEMAT / CERN (Spain / Switzerland) - CHAIRPERSON

Inês Dutra, UPorto (Portugal)

Bernard Maréchal, CETA-CIEMAT / UFR J (Spain / Brazil)


External Advisory Committee:

The EAC regularly evaluates the project accomplishments and possibly intervenes in the course of EELA-2 whenever felt useful. Currently, the members of this Committee are:

Florida Estrella Cainglet (CERN) - CHAIRPERSON

Leandro Ciuffo, RNP (Brazil)

Leif Laaksonen, CSC (Finland)






Edited by Bernard Marechal  on 08/06/2011